Scotland loses to Borat

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Scotland has slipped to a humiliating defeat in the Euro2020 qualifiers to a man in a green mankini.

Despite most people believing the embarrassing and calamitous creation was made up for entertainment purposes, the Scotland football team insists it is a genuine outfit trying to do well on the world stage.

However, they were unable to do anything about the marauding Borat who secured a 3-0 victory in the first of his Euro2020 qualifying fixtures, who later described the results as “very nice”.

Back home in Kazakhstan, Borat himself is facing criticism in the press for taking his foot off the gas after an hour once he found himself 3-0 ahead.

Scotland manager Alex McLeish said the result was disappointing but praised Borat for covering every inch of grass, mostly with his testicles in a range of uncomfortable looking poses.

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He went on, “I’ve had some bad defeats in my time, and being beaten by a man wearing nothing but a strip of green fabric and Magnum PI’s moustache is certainly up there.

“But to suggest this is the most embarrassing point of my career? No, it’s not even close.

“Have you people already forgotten that I spent four years managing Birmingham City?”

Scotland will be hoping to put this embarrassing defeat behind them in their next fixture when they take on the might of San Marino. This is assuming that San Marino’s players are allowed time off work and are willing to sacrifice a day’s pay in order to take on opposition as lowly as Scotland.