Man who spent two years saying ‘we’re leaving on 29th March so suck it up snowflake’ eerily quiet this morning

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A man who has spent every Brexit discussion for the last two years telling everyone they need to get over it because we’re leaving the EU on 29th March 2019 has this morning gone very quiet.

After Theresa May secured an extension to the Brexit deadline that will see the nation remain in the EU beyond the end of the month, and potentially many months after, those who have been crowing about the 29th March seem to be elsewhere.

Simon Williams has been telling everyone that we’re leaving on 29th March ‘no matter what you snowflakes think’ in just about every online discussion he’s lost in the last two years, and was flatly refusing to accept reality this morning.

He told us, “Leaving on the 29th is the law, and laws never ever change.” Admirably demonstrating the average Brexiters tenuous grasp of the legislative branch of government.

He concluded, “You can’t change the law just because the people who change laws want to change the law, that’s undemocratic!”

Meanwhile, a growing number of thoroughly deluded souls have decided that they will remove themselves from EU jurisdiction on the 29th March by shouting “I declare independence!” from the nearest rooftop.

Constitutional expert Charles Matthews told us, “Yeah, that’s not how any of this works. Sharing a meme on Facebook doesn’t change your nationality or your legal designation.

“Look, if they’re really unhappy with the laws of the land, they could always go and live in a country that isn’t inside the EU – after all, they keep telling us there are plenty of them available.”