‘Democracy in the UK is dead’ insists man whose Dad became President despite getting fewer votes than his opponent

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Donald Trump Jnr has launched a scathing attack on British democracy seemingly unaware that his father became President even though 3 million more people voted for his opponent.

Trump was writing in the Telegraph, explaining that as Brexit looks less and less likely to happen, nothing could be a clearer demonstration that the will of the people is being ignored.

He wrote, “Tens of millions of people voted, and they expressed their preference by a margin of a couple of million votes – that is a clear indication that they must be listened to.

“Unless it’s a Presidential election of course, because then you can use the arcane rules of the electoral college to claim a win even when your opponent gets a few million more votes.

“The will of the people has been expressed when it comes to Brexit, and they want the UK out of the EU. And so you have to deliver on that, unlike when the will of the people was that Hillary Clinton should be President, because we can ignore those votes.”

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Political scholars have expressed surprise that Don Trump Jnr was willing to get embroiled in the UK’s political quagmire, given that everyone knows Don Trump Snr thinks of him as the ‘idiot son’.

Professor Simon Williams told us, “Nothing says ‘I support democracy’ quite like a lecture from the son of a billionaire who met with Russians for dirt on his political opponent weeks before an election in which he lost the popular vote.

“Still, on the plus side, this will make quite a funny Brexiter story once Robert Mueller indicts him.”