Teenager criticised for throwing egg at Thanos ‘just because he wants to kill half of creation’

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A teenager who threw an egg at Thanos is under fire of social media this morning, with commenters divided over when it was justified.

The mad Titan who loves Death is on record as saying he thinks the universe would be better off without half its people, with his comments being seen as inflammatory by some.

The attack came at an event where Thanos said that if people weren’t alive then he wouldn’t have to kill them, so when you think about it it’s their fault.

“I’m just expressing a political viewpoint and attacks like this show my critics can’t engage in civilised debate,” Thanos told reporters.

”The death of half of all creation is a legitimate position, and attempts to shut down my free speech on this just shows you who the real Nazis are.”

“So much for the ‘tolerant’ Avengers,” he added.

However, Thanos has been accused of hypocrisy after it emerged he ‘no platformed’ Gamora during a debate about the Soul Gem.