Brexiter MPs furious at John Bercow for stopping them abandoning their principles

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Leave-supporting MPs have been left fuming after speaker John Bercow denied them the chance to vote through a Brexit deal they claimed was crap a week ago.

Brexiters in parliament have hit out at Bercow for stepping in to prevent them abandoning their principles in order to feel like ‘winners’.

“After several days of deep reflection, I concluded that being a vassal state might be good for Britain after all,” said Conservative grandee Sir Gerald Fotherington-Smithe.

“Having voted against the Prime Minister’s rotten deal last week, I had changed my mind based on the zero changes she had secured in recent days, and I was, therefore, ready to support her excellent deal in a third meaningful vote.

“By extracting absolutely no further concessions whatsoever from the EU 27, Mrs May convinced me that I can now support an agreement I loudly and publicly denounced last week.

“But the speaker has denied me my constitutional right to sell out my beliefs and put the needs of my constituents second to my desire to celebrate being on the winning side.

“The man is a jumped-up disgrace.”

Bercow stunned the Prime Minister yesterday by doing what he had indicated last week he might do.

“Mrs May was caught unawares by the speaker following the rules of parliament and doing exactly what he threatened to do last week,” said a Downing Street spokesman.

“The Prime Minister warned that failure to back her deal would lead to a crisis and she has been proven correct, so really she is a visionary.

“She is shocked that she has been frustrated by a parliament which she had not consulted until last week, and in which she had a working majority – well, until she called an election that was unnecessary while looking for a mandate that didn’t exist to implement a policy that nobody likes.”