Facebook promises their latest update means you’ll see even less of the stuff you actually follow

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Mark Zuckerberg has told Facebook users that new improvements to the popular social media platform will mean they see ‘even less’ of the stuff they’ve actually said they want.

The Facebook CEO made the exciting announcement at a press conference describing it as a ‘huge improvement’ for himself, if not necessarily you.

“We know that you, our users, use Facebook to get the best possible experience – to follow your friends and see what they’ve got to say, to interact with groups you’ve joined, and to read stories you’ve said you want to see.

“But what you want is secondary really. I’ve got billions riding on flogging you crap you aren’t interested in seeing and that’s way more important.

“So instead you’ll see the stuff that we’re being paid to show you and much less of the things we aren’t. If your friends are that keen to stay in touch with you, they can pay us too.

“What are you going to do, go back to MySpace?” he added with a laugh.

In response to the announcement, many users have said they will stop using the site, just like they said they would last year, and the year before that.