Theresa May’s suicidal Brexit strategy revealed to be a ‘Momo challenge’

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Theresa May’s attempts to commit political suicide have been revealed as the result of the viral Momo challenge.

According to reports this morning, the strange looking eery character with weird eyes has been negotiating her Brexit deal with the EU purely at the behest of Momo.

Political correspondent Simon Williams explained, “For the best part of two years, Theresa May’s approach to Brexit has been entirely baffling to literally everyone watching it.

“But suddenly, it all makes perfect sense.  She had Momo in her ear encouraging her to either kill off the UK’s economic prospects, or to commit political suicide.

“We obviously can’t rule out that Momo was telling her to do both.”

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The news has come as a shock and a relief to many who have watched Theresa’s plan unfold over the last couple of years.

Independent MP David Matthews told us, “I bloody KNEW it! There is no way, just no way, that someone would be as laughably incompetent as she’s been for the last two years. Of course it was deliberate, it had to be.

“Thankfully now that we know she was only doing it at the behest of Momo we can call the whole thing off, right? RIGHT?”

Police have encouraged any parents worried about the Momo challenge reaching their own children, to be extra vigilant.

As one officer explained, “Be on the lookout as there is no telling who the Momo challenge will target next, and it could see your own child enter politics in order to destroy an entire country.”

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