Trump hails deal with Kim Jong-un for North Korea to stop building nuclear weapons in return for being allowed to build nuclear weapons

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Following the summit in Vietnam, actual President of the United States Donald Trump has announced a historic deal to halt North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme.

The deal means that North Korea will halt all further production of nuclear weapons in return for being allowed to continue building nuclear weapons.

“This is a good deal, folks, a very good deal. It really is,” said Mr Trump.

“My friend, Kim Jong-Un, who is a very good Call of Duty player, by the way, as I found out earlier, has agreed to stop making nuclear weapons. So, thank you Donald Trump. You’re welcome.”

Mr Trump then got a little testy when someone suggested that his concession that would allow Kim to continue building nuclear weapons could prove problematic.

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The defensive president went on, “Hey, I make deals every day. It’s what I do. Part of making deals is to give a little to get what you want. So, yes I agreed to let Kim continue making nuclear weapons, but that is nothing compared having North Korea stop building nuclear weapons.

“That is such a big win. Such a big win. Huge.”

He also revealed a further aspect to the deal, telling reporters, “It’s not just the nukes. This is a wide-ranging deal that includes North Korea promising to send us computer chips at a very good rate, a very, very good rate.

“In return, I agreed to give them Wyoming. So, people of Wyoming, meet your new leader.”

It is understood that plans are underway for a further summit between Trump and Kim Jong-Un, and everyone is very scared.