Donald Trump insists friendship remains strong despite collapse of Trump-Vader summit

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Trump’s meeting with Lord Vader came to an abrupt end after both sides were said to be ‘far apart’ in a deal to disarm the Death Star.

Even without an agreement, Trump left the meeting with ‘nothing but admiration’ for Lord Vader and his advisor, Grand Moff Tarkin, telling reporters “We spent the day together hanging out. I thought it looked like we were on the Death Star but I was assured it was just a small moon”.

Trump is considering his next steps and is thought to be planning a visit to his trusted friend Lando Calrissian on the cloud city Bespin.

He went on, “I’ve known Lando a very very long time and he’s one of my most trusted friends. He’s invited me to join him for dinner so we’ll chat through next steps then. I’m sure he can help me reach a deal.”

Trump is said to be disappointed that the meeting didn’t go as planned, but is choosing to focus on the positives of meeting with someone many people have said will not negotiate in good faith.

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He went on, “I got Vader to agree to leave Alderaan alone. All I had to do was give him details of our military bases and he promised me it would be left untouched. No-one was able to get that deal except me. I got that done, everyone else failed.

“As I was leaving the summit he said ‘commence primary ignition’ which I’m told is Korean for ‘see you soon old friend’.”

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