Child told to eat her vegetables or Will Smith’s Genie will come after her

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A child is wolfing down her runner beans after the threat of a visit from Will Smith’s Genie.

A photo of Will Smith’s forthcoming portrayal of the Genie from Aladdin has been released, with everyone agreeing that the visage is pretty horrifying.

“And now he’s going to get me if I don’t get this plate cleared,” sobbed five-year-old Hayley Rice, through mouthfuls of overcooked broccoli.

“He’s not like the nice cartoon Genie, he looks like someone from Avatar with an axe to grind and a taste for steroids, and I don’t want him to come after me like daddy says he will.

“Look, as you’re here, lend a hand, eat some of these carrots. I actually like carrots but mum can’t cook for shit and they’re horrible.”

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Hayley’s dad chuckled, “It’s always handy to have a new deeply-terrifying threat to force your child to eat the swill with which they’ve been provided.

“It could be worse; whatever the mythical Genie could do is nothing compared to her Uncle Nick. Thank Christ he’s finally in prison.”

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