Equine flu far more severe for stallions than for fillies

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The virulent strain of equine flu which has disrupted the racing calendar this week is far more debilitating and unpleasant for stallions than it is for their female counterparts, according to a leading vet today.

Toby Dell MRCVS, told reporters, “This particular strain of the virus is a very nasty one indeed, especially for male horses such as stallions or geldings.

“Many have had to be laid down at the back of the stable and then covered in warm blankets which are then pulled right up to their ears.

“It’s heartbreaking to see them lying there whining piteously with thermometers sticking out of their bottoms.

“Fillies and mares, on the other hand, don’t seem to get such a severe reaction and tend to walk around the stable yard, coughing occasionally, but otherwise just getting on with things as normal, which is bloody typical really.”

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Racing is expected to resume next week with a few races for mares and fillies initially and with stallions getting their calendar underway a few weeks later if they’re feeling up to it.

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