Drastic drop in living standards is a price Brexiteers are happy for you to pay

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A recent IPSOS poll on British attitudes towards Brexit reveal that most leavers are quite content to see you lose your job, your children’s opportunities for the future or even your home in order to separate themselves from the EU.

A sentiment confirmed by Simon Williams, a UKIP member and retired bus driver from Lichfield.

He explained, “This is not about the economy. It’s about national pride and sovereignty. There is no price too great for you to pay. There is no suffering I am not willing to let others endure. I will happily see people starve on our streets before I admit Brexit was a bad idea.”

Asked why he believed he would be sheltered from any potential negative effects of Brexit, Mr WIlliams explained that he was retired.

He went on, “I stay at home watching ITV so I have nothing to do with the wider economy. I’ve got my house and my pension.

“That pension comes from a fixed pot of money that is in no way related to the current economy or how many people in the same scheme are working now. And if the pound drops I’ll be okay because I shop at Tescos and that’s a British company. Also, the NHS and my heart medication are free so that will be safe forever.

“My kids and grandkids might struggle but that only means they will spend more time here which will be lovely. And I’m sure my carer Ludmila will be glad to keep working for decreasing wages and no end of official harassment. I’ll be fine. We got our country back!

“No, my daughter hasn’t spoken to me since 2016. How did you guess?”

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