Insults by EU unacceptable, say people who regularly compare it to Hitler

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UK eurosceptics who don’t quite understand irony have expressed outrage at the few mild barbs they got from people they have spent the past decades regularly comparing to the most murderous regimes in history.

Simon Williams, ERG member and rotund MP for Lincoln, was one of many who took a brief pause making false analogies between the Brexit dilemma and the war against Nazis, to declare how shocked he was at Donald Tusk’s comments.

“Once again, the EU Kommissars act like gangsters who want to kneecap people leaving their mob. But if Gruppenfuhrer Tusk thinks he can destroy our Blitz Spirit then he should read about the history of a small place called Dunkirk and understand we have seen off the likes of him before.”

Asked if it was a tad hypocritical to whine about a mild religious reference to the consequences of sin when Brexiteers ceaselessly compare the EU to Nazism or Stalinism, Mr Williams nearly spat out his gout medicine.

“It’s completely different! For a start, our comments are humorous quips about regimes that many Eastern European politicians were persecuted by. That, or wittily trivialising a horrific conflict that saw murder and suffering on an unprecedented scale.

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“Whereas their comments are vicious insults delivered with a foreign accent just to smugly remind us that all EU officials are perfectly bilingual whereas I still struggle to say Mademoiselle properly.

“It’s certainly not because they are adults who can rise above insults and we are born-rich tossers who expect deference and applause just for remembering to unzip before taking a piss.”

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