People really not upset enough about ACTUAL priests ACTUALLY raping ACTUAL nuns

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Surprisingly few people are talking about the systematic rape and abuse of nuns in the Catholic church, according to reports this morning.

Reports have emerged that nuns have been kept as sex slaves by priests for decades, and that is a truly fucking fucked-up thing to TYPE, let alone reflect upon as a thing that actually happened and is still happening.

“…yeah, I get it, Liam Neeson did a thing, but come on, this is NUN RAPE,” said an understandably confused Simon Williams.

“Why aren’t we talking about this a lot more than we are? I mean yeah, the news sites ran it, but it was a distant second to some shit that Donald Tusk said about Brexit yesterday.

“Also the Pope said this is still happening and he said it WAY TOO FUCKING NONCHALANTLY. If I ran a company and I heard there was a sex slavery racket operating within that company, I’d be knocking people out.

“Or, at the very least, assisting the police in a sustained investigation until every rapist gets caught and imprisoned.

“It’s fucking disgraceful and…I’m sorry, are you YAWNING?! What the fuck?!”