21 Savage revealed to be long lost British Royal called Frederick Thistlewick Sauvage

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21 Savage, the rapper taken into ICE custody in America for allegedly being British and overstaying his visa, has today been revealed to be a long lost Royal.

Frederick Thistlewick Sauvage is a distant relative of Prince Harry and Prince William, putting him high up in line to the throne.

A royal insider said, “We had to send Frederick away as he was tainting the image of the Royal Family.

“He was all guns and gangs, not the tea and crumpets people have come to except.

“We desperately tried to get him off that way of life, but in the end, we decided that we just couldn’t keep up with him.

“So, we ultimately did the most humane thing the Royals can. We shoved him on a plane, changed his identity and told him to fuck off and never come back.”

The insider added, “We would have acted differently had it been today. We are no longer stuck in the 17th century like we were 15 years ago.

“We are now firmly in the 19th!”