Company committed to appearance of being committed to mental health

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A company has impressed both staff and customers alike with its commitment to appearing to have a commitment to mental health in the workplace.

Tennant and Lowe Solutions Ltd recently announced a raft of measures that would give anyone the impression that it genuinely cares about the mental health of its staff.

“Mental health is a real concern these days, you can’t just ignore it,” said HR manager Eleanor Gay.

“Since we made our commitment to appearing to be committed to mental health, you would notice a number of changes.”

Ms Gay gestures to posters on the wall.

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“Posters are incredibly important. We’ve got posters everywhere now.

“Take this one in particular,” she says whilst gesturing to a poster above the sink in the kitchen.

“It’s a picture of a sad lady sat at her desk, and across the bottom it says ‘depression.’

“At first glance you’d look at that and think – ‘yeah, they care’.”

However, there was more to Tennant and Lowe’s new commitment than just posters.

“No, we didn’t want this to be a superficial initiative so we’ve also set up a helpline.

“Well, I say a helpline, we’ve given everyone a phone number. Goes through to a man in Wales, I think. He seems nice. Not sure if he’ll be able to help with any mental health problems, though.”

Perhaps most impressive, though is the introduction of a quiet space.

“Yes, that’s our ‘reflection room’,” says Ms Gay proudly.

“It’s actually a cupboard with some tins of paint in, but we always keep it locked so you’d never know. But, look, we’ve used a lovely ethnic-looking font on the reflection room sign.”

Ms Gay herself is the instigator of, what many people would agree, are industry-leading measures in committing to appearing to be committed to mental health.

She admits, however, that she got the idea from her previous place of work.

“Yes, we had a genuine commitment there to looking like we had a commitment to fire safety that was really efficient and cost-effective.

“After that company burnt down I moved here and applied the same principles to mental health.”

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