Theresa May hails ‘successful EU renegotiation’ after agreeing to hand over Wales

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Theresa May has given away Wales to the EU.

After reopening talks with EU leaders, Theresa May promised to be bullish, and to come out with a new Brexit deal that benefits everyone.

“And now we own Wales,” said a confused Simon Le Williams, a prominent EU leader, probably one of the French ones.

“It’s very odd…I’m not entirely sure we offered her anything in return. The Irish backstop is definitely still there.

“She just marched in and said ‘So, lads, WALES. Fancy it?’ to which we all just vaguely nodded. We know it’s a country but none of us have actually been there. I hear they like cheese on toast and Tom Jones so they can’t be that bad.”

EU administrative assistant, Jay Cooper, said, “I’m afraid I can’t divulge any information on the EU’s plans for Wales.

“But let’s just say it rhymes with ‘bassive stulti-morey par cark’ and leave it at that.”