Corbyn and May bond over shared love of betraying supporters’ interests to secure power

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Labour leader and deluded shambles Jeremy Corbyn met dangerous incompetent Theresa May yesterday, and they were both surprised to discover a bond form over their shared love of betraying their supporters’ interests in exchange for clinging to power.

The pair met to ostensibly discuss Brexit, but were soon laughing together like children over the various ways their desperate attempts to secure power continually makes their supporters’ lives worse.

“I don’t expect them to get on quite so well,” said an anonymous aide.

“But I suppose they’ve got a lot in common – they’re political opportunists, they have a seemingly near sociopathic craving for power and they’re both desperately, desperately terrible at their jobs.

“She told how she was happy to throw her supporters in business under a bus to secure the support of the ERG and cling to power, and he said how he absolutely wouldn’t be listening to his party membership’s demands for a second referendum if he could secure the support of brexiters in the next election.

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“Before we knew it, they were ordering more tea and swapping tips on feigning concern for ordinary people’s problems and how to retain your position no matter how hapless at your job you are.”

Eventually, the meeting concluded with no progress made on Brexit because the pair of them have the political intellect and imagination of a wheelbarrow of freshly dug gravel.

It is expected that the majority of both Mrs May and Mr Corbyn’s supporters’ lives will continue to get worse.

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