Mexico to spend $5billion on border stairs

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Mexico has achieved the near-impossible task of outwitting Donald Trump.

In response to the President’s continuing attempts to build an enormous wall along the entire Mexican/American border, the government of Mexico has responded with a plan to build a massive set of stairs along the entire border.

“Check-MATE, Tangerino,” confirmed Mexican government spokesperson, Simon Del Williams.

“This is going to be an absolutely enormous set of stairs that will render your stupid border wall as meaningless as your wedding vows.

“Granted, there’s going to be a very sharp drop when people get to the top of the stairs, but we’ll put a sign up or something.”

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White House spokesperson, Simon Billy-Bob Williams, said “Ah fuck, STAIRS.

“It was bad enough when people started talking about ladders. Stairs are even worse. You can’t push some stairs over.

“I’m almost starting to think this whole border wall thing is a stupid idea or something.

“I don’t want to tell the President. I ruined his last idea. You do it.”