“It’s my opinion” not the bullet-proof defence Karen thinks it is

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Something being an opinion doesn’t absolve it from criticism, according to reports emerging this morning.

Karen Smith, 29, faced a barrage of criticism on Facebook today after suggesting that immigrants are “only in the UK for free stuff and don’t contribute a bloody thing”.

After being shown evidence proving that immigrants actually bring a net benefit to the UK, the USA and pretty much any other nation that allows immigration, Karen fired back with, “Whatever. It’s my opinion.”

“And they’re still being MEAN and keep telling me I’m wrong using facts to support their point,” grumped Karen, who has asked to see a manager nineteen times in the last six months.

“I told them it’s my opinion. That should let me off the hook. That’s the rule. End of,” continued Karen, whose idea of an exotic meal is nachos.

However, those exposed to Karen’s opinions politely explained that this most definitely isn’t the ‘end of’ it.

“Your opinion is wrong,” countered Hayley Rice, who saw Karen’s comment and responded in kind. “Demonstrably, provably wrong. Just because you believe something, doesn’t make it right. Just look at the Scientologists.

“If your opinion is based on a blatant lie that someone told you, then that opinion is wrong. Some people are of the opinion that black people are lesser beings because they are black. That opinion is also wrong, by any scientific measure, and also fucking horrible.”

Karen countered “Oh, that’s so typical of the leftists. You’re all bullying me just because you don’t like the truth. I demand to speak to a Facebook manager.”