Gillette commercial nowhere near as offensive as the price of their f*cking razor blades

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If you’re offended by Gillette’s advertising, wait until you hear how much their products cost.

An advert by the face-slicing experts has caused some people to lose their collective shit because they had the temerity to suggest men should be ‘nice’.

However, the true source of anger can be found at the checkout, not on the television or YouTube.

“NINE QUID for three replacement blades? Are you DRUNK?!” exclaimed Sion Williams, a reasonable person upon learning the cost of Gillette’s products.

“It’s cheaper to buy an actual razor! Is that what you want? My whole house to be filled with thousands and thousands of Gillette razors? IS IT?!

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“…oh, hang on, it probably is. How evil.”

Gillette spokesperson, Jay Cooper, commented “mwahahaha.

“Surprise, motherfuckers, we’re here to make MONEY. Shocking, I know. But it was cute seeing you all get wound up over our little advert.

“It gave us lots and lots of social media traction, which means we can sell even more small, hideously priced bits of metal encased in cheap plastic.

“Now get out there and buy our products in such a way that sets a good example to your sons – or not, whatever, just buy our shit. That’s the important part.”