Ramsgate declared ‘Brexit Capital’ due to being home to Seaborne Freight and UK’s largest Wetherspoon

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The coastal town of Ramsgate, Kent, has been named ‘Brexit Capital of Britain’ after perfectly encapsulating everything about Britain’s split from the EU.

The town, where the dozens and dozens of shiny new Seaborne Freight cargo and passenger ferries are currently moored in all their glory, is also home to the largest branch of regular Brexiteer watering hole, Wetherspoon.

Brexit Secretary for the current week, Stephen Barclay, made the announcement today, saying, “The wonderful town of Ramsgate beautifully represents all that is marvellous about Brexit.

“Although I have never been there, obviously, I expect it looks like it is still living in those halcyon days of post-war Britain, with quaint little ice cream shops and foreigners being verbally abused outside a high street branch of Wilkinsons.

“If the operators of Seaborne Freight chose Ramsgate in which to start-up a multi-million pound business and get it all up and running in the space of two months, then that says a lot about the spirit of the town itself.”

He went on, “Then after a hard day’s work operating an efficient ferry service from a port that easily rivals Dover, where better to refresh oneself than in The Pavilion, Britain’s largest Wetherspoons pub.

“There is not a place on this island you can stand that will make you more proud to be British.”

Ramsgate resident Simon Williams responded, “No sign of a ferry here, mate. But he’s right about ‘Spoons. It’s massive, and there’s nowhere better to have a drunken brawl in the whole of Kent.”