Theresa May sues Fortnite for using her dance moves

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The Prime Minister is the latest celebrity to sue video game Fortnite for ripping-off the unique dance moves they invented.

First, it was actor Alfonso Ribeiro and his ‘Carlton Dance,’ then it was the Backpack Kid and ‘The Floss’. Now Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, are being sued by the British Prime Minister for unauthorised use of the ‘Twitching Humiliation’.

Mrs May’s infamous Conference dance – which was apparently created when she had a dream about a Thunderbird puppet getting an electric shock – is now available as an in-game purchase within Fortnite itself.

A source close to Downing Street said, “Mrs May’s awkward spasms are totally unique and could only have been created by her own choreographic genius.

Of course, she wants to protect her asset – because if there’s one thing she can’t stand as a Tory it’s large companies exploiting the talents of the little people.

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“She is currently in the process of getting the dance trademarked under a number of different names including the ‘Incontinence Shuffle,’ ‘Electrocuting Underpants’ and ‘Don’t Stand There Laughing, Call An Ambulance Because I’m Having a Fit’.”

It’s notoriously tricky to prove the creation of a dance move. However, the Prime Minister’s lawyer Simon Williams is confident of success.

“Strangely, absolutely nobody else has come forward trying to take credit,” he said. “I guess sometimes the sheer intimidating brilliance of a phenomenon acts as a deterrent.”

Since the Tory Party Conference people all around the UK can be seen emulating the Prime Minister’s moves, though mainly in mental health institutions.