Tourists delighted by ‘quaint’ British tradition of Police protecting female MPs from gammon-faced Brexiter f*ckwits

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Following footage of Anna Soubry receiving abuse from a group of pro-Brexit supporters on her way to parliament, tourists who witnessed the incident have unanimously confirmed they were delighted to see our quaint traditions in action.

Speaking to reporters, tourist Simone Williams said, “Myself and my family have always loved the UK and so we decided to spend Christmas here and see the sights.

“We have two small children who were really excited about seeing the Houses of Parliament, especially after we explained to them how important it was, and that it’s traditionally seen as a beacon of democracy.

“We were initially disappointed to see Big Ben was covered in scaffolding but that soon changed when we heard the shouts of ‘fucking traitor’ by angry, red-faced middle-aged men, directly into the face of a lone female MP on her way to work.

“It was so quaint, especially when the police had to step in to ensure they were not intent on being violent towards her.

“They were wearing yellow jackets and we hoped they were the same people who prevented an ambulance from getting to an emergency on Westminster bridge, or who called Sky News’ Faisal Islam a ‘rapist’, and Kay Burley a ‘slag’.  It’s like seeing one of your morris dancers, but instead of bells and sticks, it’s high blood pressure and racism.

“When you come to a country like the UK, full of history and tradition, you know it’s going to be special, but today was a real treat for us and our kids. Thank you, everyone.”