Watching TV will give you square eyes, warns Mum whose job involves staring at a screen all day

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A caring mother has been repeatedly warning her son of the danger of watching too much TV, totally ignoring to the fact that she has a job that involves staring intently at a screen for eight hours every day.

Mother Simone Williams has even recently imposed a limit on the amount of ‘screen time’ her son Jake is allowed every day, citing a care for his eyesight as the primary reason for the rationing.

“It’s just not good for a kid to be staring at a screen for that long every day, know what I mean?” she told us.

“If he’s watching TV, playing video games or spending time on the computer, it’ll be a real shock to his system when he grows up and finds himself working as a farmer, or a deep-sea diver, or a butcher, or whatever.

“I can’t think of any future career which requires staring at a screen all day, and I worry that his eyes won’t be ready for the working environment if he’s only used to looking at an illuminated rectangle for hours on end.”

Her son disagreed.

Eleven-year-old Jake told us, “I’d argue that spending all day on my computer while also looking at my phone is the perfect preparation for adult life in the modern world.

“Mum seems perfectly happy spending the evening look at her phone.

“And the argument that staring at a screen will give me square eyes is a load of bollocks, too. Mum grew up reading rectangular books, but her eyes seem pretty spherical to me.”