New Republican campaign ad just clips of Nino Brown from New Jack City

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As the US mid-terms approach, Racist sex-pest and president Donald Trump has revealed the latest Republican campaign ad – a series of clips of Nino Brown from New Jack City intercut with pictures of a white woman screaming. A voice repeats ‘be afraid’ throughout.

The ad is designed to remind white Americans that everyone who isn’t a white American definitely wants to kill them.

“This ad is the truth about ghettos in 2018,” said President Trump as, onscreen, popular actor Wesley Snipes used a mobile phone the size of a suitcase whilst Boyz II Men played in the background.

“This is what Democrats want our country to be, in fact, I think this guy,” Trump points to Brown’s enforcer, played by actor Bill Nunn, “is actually their candidate for Detroit.”

Trump fans have hailed the ad, because of course they would.

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“Sure, I like that and I like Trump,” said Simon Williams, an unemployed mud taster from Alabama who doesn’t believe in Australia.

“We gotta keep these uppity neegra boys in their place or America’s going to turn into a mongol nation.

“I sure trust Trump to look after us decent white folks, and I’m glad that under his Presidency I can say what I really think.”

It is thought that with one more day until the mid-terms, Trump will reveal one more campaign ad featuring clips from DW Giffiths’ Birth of a Nation in which the Ku Klux Klan ride to the rescue of a white woman in danger of attack from a black man with the slogan – ‘Trump’s boys will keep you safe’.