Unexploded firework has probably gone out by now

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A firework which failed to go off on Saturday evening has probably gone out by now, experts have confirmed.

The firework was part of a ‘Mega Bonfire Box’ bought by father-of-two Simon Williams, 37, for a family bonfire party on Saturday night.

“We were really looking forward to it,” his two children confirmed, dejectedly.

“Dad told us to pick out a firework, so we went for the Traffic Lights to start with.

“Then he went off right down to the bottom of the garden with a torch and we could see him setting up the firework.

“After that, we heard a match striking, there was a bit of a flare and Dad came belting back up the garden shouting ‘it’s going!’ and well stood and watched the end of the garden very intently.

“But then nothing happened.”

The children suggested that the firework had maybe gone out but Mr Williams told them “no, it’s still going, I can definitely see something happening.”

After ten or fifteen minutes of staring into nothing but darkness, Mr Willliams’ wife and children were confident that the firework had definitely gone out.

“Dad, this is boring,” the children added.

But Mr Williams was adamant that no-one should return to the bottom of the garden.

“Everyone knows you should never go back to a lit firework,” he told us this morning.

“Safety first. You might as well throw a banger in my face or pick up a previously lit sparkler.

“God knows what we’re going to do when we want to sell the house.”