Boris Johnson will not participate in Movember despite successful Ineptember and Cocktober

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Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has confirmed that he will not take part in Movember to raise awareness of testicular cancer despite a successful September and October in which he massively heightened awareness that he’s an inept cock.

Mr Johnson, who has been striving to draw the public’s attention to his inept cockery for a number of years, pulled out all the stops over the last two months in an attempt to convince anyone who may be unsure that he’s definitely a calamitous buffoon.

People throughout the UK who had previously been in any doubt about Boris’ ineptitude have revealed how their eyes have now been opened to the dangers of being complacent about his bungling stupidity.

“I’d always assumed that this sort of thing wouldn’t happen to me,” said Gavin Jenkins from Stevenage.

“But after watching Mr Johnson in action I’ve discovered that I’m suffering from the advanced stages of a Tory government.

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“It’s going to be a long road ahead, but hopefully I should start to make a recovery in about two and a half years.”

Despite Mr Johnson’s non-participation in Movember, a Conservative Party spokesperson has revealed that the former minister will be using future months to draw attention to other serious issues.

“Next month the Boris will be attempting to draw people’s attention to what motivates Conservative party donors in Me, Me, Mecember.

“Next year will also see a month devoted to raising people’s awareness of their place in society.

“And we’re going to call that one Plebuary.”