Goths excited there are only 364 sleeps until Halloween

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Goths have woken up excited today, knowing there are only 364 sleeps until Halloween.

If you’re a goth, the thought of there not being long until the next night of supernatural darkness and terror is enough to fill you with giddy glee. Unless you’re an ubergoth or a mopeygoth, in which case it makes you slightly less miserable.

Goth Ravencloud Stormbearer – or Kim to her parents – told us she always gets excited for Halloween when the number of sleeps is three figures or less, meaning she’s excited for Halloween all the time.

“There’s nothing like the feeling of going to bed at 4 or 5am, knowing that when I wake up tomorrow afternoon there’ll be one fewer sleeps to go,” she told us.

“And 364 times of that is hardly any number at all.

“Putting it another way, that’s only 24 packets of dye and 427 cans of hairspray to keep me looking perfectly dishevelled,” she added.

“I can’t go out if my roots are showing, can I? It’s in the song.”