Brazil re-embraces the ideology that made it such a byword for good governance in the past

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The Brazilian electorate has decided to put an end to the humiliating decline that saw it host the Olympics and become the 6th largest economy in the world and voted to return to its heyday as a right-wing military dictatorship when it was seen as the quintessence of Latin American politics.

Simao Williameiro, a Bolsonaro supporter and taxi driver from Rio, said that he voted for the controversial far-right populist in the hope of ‘restoring balance’.

He explained, “We have had enough. We’re one of the world’s biggest economies, can host two global sporting competitions and yet people can still get mugged by some scrawny kid in flip-flops or catch intestinal parasites.

“Now we will have the government that the people expect from a country where millions of acres can be illegally logged but somehow nobody gets arrested.

”People will look at the journalists disappearing, the minorities being persecuted and the extra-judicial killings and know they are dealing with a true South American country.”

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Mr Williameiro admitted his vote was partly led by nostalgia.

“I like the way he promised to shoot communists. You don’t hear that anymore these days. And I remember the seventies as a great time and that surely can’t be because I was a child with no fears or responsibilities.

“Also, I’m tired of having to vote every few years. With Bolsonaro, that will be gone along with all those pesky intellectuals. I really hope he starts wearing a uniform with loads of medals.

“I love uniforms.”