Everything a false flag now

author avatar by 5 years ago

Everything on the news was done by someone else to trick you, according to really clever people on internet comments threads today.

Whilst the news may be full of stories about deranged lunatics trying to carry out atrocities, these stories are uniformly being orchestrated by a global network of secret rulers of the world determined to maintain their hegemony – and if you don’t realise that well, you’re just a gullible dupe.

Whenever it looks like someone did something, it was actually someone else pretending.

“It’s important you know that it isn’t just people planting bombs to make Donald Trump look bad, or MI5 poisoning people in the street, or George Soros handing our wads of cash to phoney protesters”, said keen student of deception and enthusiastic commenter Simon Williams.

“It’s everything, everywhere. They control everything.

“When my wife went to the shop this morning, it wasn’t actually her,” he explained in hushed, urgent tones.

”It was actually a lookalike paid by the Obama cartel to make gullible shills like you think everyone like her goes to the shops and buys value sausage rolls, and that controls the narrative.

”It’s not even me posting this comment – it’s actually a fake account operated by liberals to make you think I’m a fucking simpleton.”