Study finds hoax Facebook cloning message shared exclusively by Brexiters

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The sort of people who fell for a hoax to share a warning about their Facebook account being cloned are precisely the sort of people who believe what is written on the side of a bus, according to research published today.

With creators of online chain letters relying solely on the gullibility of the participants for the success of their campaigns, experts have found the ‘account cloned’ warning spread like wildfire through many online groups frequented by Brexit supporters.

“The Venn diagram of people who shared the warning about your account being cloned by scammers and the people who loudly support Brexit online is simply one full circle directly on top of the other,” claimed lead researcher Dr Simon Williams.

“People will accuse us of once again implying that Brexit voters are stupid, but we’re not saying that, we’re just saying Brexiters are precisely the sort of people who share Facebook hoaxes believing them to be real.

“The conclusions you draw from that analysis are entirely your own.”

Jeremy ‘Jez’ Matthews has spent hours sharing the cloning warning with all of his contacts and in all of his groups this morning, and told us he had no plans to stop.

He explained, “Look, I know people say it’s a hoax, but I’m still sharing it anyway, just in case – someone I trust sent it to me, and I trust them more than I trust the establishment elite who keep saying it’s a hoax.

“And anyway, I didn’t vote Brexit because I’m racist or stupid, I voted for one reason only – to give the NHS an extra £350m a week.”