Genius Elon Musk fails to notice correlation between him tweeting and the collapse of his company’s share price

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Despite being a genius, Elon Musk has failed to notice a correlation between his ever-more berserk tweeting and his company share price going down the can.

Musk, who is one of the cleverest people ever, has an unusual blind spot regarding action and consequence when it comes to himself and instead blames Tesla’s recent poor share performance on everything from wicked stock goblins stealing his lucky charms to a curse by an old gypsy woman.

However, market experts suggest that there may be a link between Elon’s peculiar behaviour and the willingness of shareholders to trust him with their money.

“Isaac Newton figured this out four hundred years ago with his third law – for every tweet there is an equal and opposite decline in your share price,” said stock analyst Simon Williams.

“You’d think an engineer would know that wouldn’t you?

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“There’s actually a pretty easy analogy to make here”, he added. “Imagine if, instead of painting the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci had spent his time getting baked and heckling random bypassers. It’s unlikely that Lorenzo de Medici would have kept forking out his cash.

“Yeah, you get it now.”