Office worker in Friday afternoon meeting hallucinates boss as giant bottle of wine

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Office worker Sharon Williams has this afternoon repeatedly hallucinated her boss as a giant bottle of Pinot Noir during the weekly team catch-up meeting.

The incident comes after a long week that has seen a challenging deadline met with late evenings and early starts, all of which has been endured with the promise of wine on Friday night.

Williams told us, “The Friday afternoon meeting is hard at the best of times, but this one was particularly challenging.

“He was talking about next month’s forecast when I glanced up from the notes I was taking to notice he’d turned into a giant bottle of delicious red wine.

“He was still talking, and still sounded like him, but he looked, and smelled, exactly like the wine I was planning on drinking that evening.

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“I’m a big believer in our subconscious trying to tell us things that aren’t immediately obvious – but this has me a bit stumped.

“Is it trying to tell me that my role here at this company is maturing like a fine wine? Or maybe it’s saying that it’s time to leave this all behind me and enjoy something different, maybe from the new world.

“Is the fact that it’s red and not white something political? Am I secretly racist? Should I support Jeremy Corbyn? It’s all very confusing.”

We spoke to Sharon’s colleagues about the incident, and one of them told us, “I’m not sure if this means she’s unwell, mentally speaking – or if she just really really likes wine.”