Survivors of Soviet oppression agree that being told ‘No’ by the EU is as bad as the Gulag

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Across the world, victims of Soviet brutality have expressed their support for the Foreign Secretary’s speech at the Tory conference and said he was right to compare the camps, the torture and the murders used by the USSR to the way the EU rejected half-arsed exit plans cooked up at the last minute by simpletons.

In Prague, retired lecturer Milos Dvorak, said that the way the EU refused to let the UK unilaterally decide set the tariffs for all 27 countries reminded him of those horrific days in 1968 when Soviet tanks slaughtered his friends.

“Seeing Michel Barnier repeating for the 19th time that the integrity of the Single Market was not negotiable, is exactly the same as seeing our dreams of freedom in that spring of 1968 crushed by Russian soldiers.

“His polite but firm demeanour brought back haunting memories of my best friend Gabko being gunned down in the street. Thank God your Mr Hunt unmasked the face of true evil.”

In Canada, exiled Russian novelist Pyotr Yegarin, who spent 15 years in a Siberian Gulag for writing satire, also supported the UK’s Foreign Secretary.

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He said, “You never forget the cold, the hunger or how cheap life was in the camps.

“I am so glad your Foreign Secretary is sounding the alarm bell over the EU’s behaviour. I still fear a late-night knock on the door asking me to attend an emergency summit in Italy or requesting I clarify my position on Northern Ireland.

“I’m so happy my suffering is not trivialized by smug British arseholes to cover up their monumental incompetence.”

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