Man wistfully recalls time when ‘Brexit’ just sounded like funny name for breakfast cereal

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Simon Williams, 38, today wistfully recalled the simpler, happier times when the word ‘Brexit’ just sounded like a funny name for a breakfast cereal.

Reminiscing about the day he first heard the term ‘Brexit’, he said, “I saw it in the newspaper, and I said to my wife, ‘Brexit? That sounds like a funny name for a breakfast cereal’.

“We had a right laugh about it. It sort of sounds a bit like ‘breakfast’, maybe with a bit of’ ‘Weetabix’ in there too.

“Sort of like a lesser known brand of cereal you’d get in Lidl or Aldi or somewhere – not your Kellogg’s or Nestlé.

“Then about a week later the word came up again at work, and I said, ‘Brexit? That sounds like a funny name for a breakfast cereal’, and we all had another laugh.

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“Well, we’re not laughing now.

“Our whole company faces ruin along with every other company in the supply chain.

“My mate Amir was attacked by a bunch of racists telling him Brexit meant he had to go home.

“Over two years later, with other domestic and global problems completely sidelined, we’ve still got absolutely no idea what’s going to happen next.

“The whole country’s been split into two – whatever happens next, at least half of us are still going to be very angry about it.

“What a stupid mess.

“But do you remember when Brexit just sounded like a funny name for a breakfast cereal?

“Happy days, eh?”

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