Storm Ali will try and groom your kids, insists Tommy Robinson

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A distinctly Muslim sounding storm approaching the UK’s shores is likely to try and groom your children, according to Tommy Robinson.

With the nation likely to under siege from Muslim winds, Robinson has criticised our porous borders for allowing distinctly brown-sounding storms to enter UK airspace without so much as a glance at its paperwork.

He told his followers on whichever site he’s using this week, “Great British storms like Dave and Steve are the salt of the earth.  They would never dream of touching your kids, but Storm Ali? With a name like that? You know it’s only coming here to groom as many blond children as it can lay its paws on.

“All patriots should be on red alert. The mainstream media have so far been silent on Islamic grooming storms because they are afraid to tell you the truth. But the truth is expensive, so don’t forget to give me some money so I can keep revealing the truth about Muslim weather systems.”

Others have agreed with Robinson, insisting that Storm Ali is a further example of the creeping Islamification of the nation.

Robinson supporter Simon Williams told us, “Why don’t the lefties in the Met Office just call it Storm Muhammed and be done with it?

“I don’t care about your facts that insist these storm names actually go in alphabetical order and therefore there are another dozen storms before that name would even work, you know I’m right!

“You’ll all call me racist now, but you’ll be laughing on the other side of your face when Storm Ali has sold your daughter into sex slavery.”