Positivity and optimism blaze forth from ‘no deal’ Brexit group launch

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Britain has been wowed by the optimistic energy displayed by advocates of a ‘no deal’ Brexit who met yesterday.

As pictures of the event emerged showing supporters displaying all the good humour and positive body language that you’d expect from advocates of such a great opportunity, previously undecided Britons have swung behind the idea in their droves.

”Look at them!” said former Remoaner Simon Williams. “There’s so much energy and confidence in that picture. How could I not be won over by such a memorable tableau?”

“Boris looks full of zeal, like he really believes in what he’s saying, and when Ian Duncan Smith looks like he’s praying that’s actually just him full of beans at the plethora of economic opportunities he’s creating.

“And look at Jacob Rees-Mogg. Crikey. Now there is a man whose clear enthusiasm and sincere belief in what he’s saying could carry a nation singlehanded into the promised land.

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”All that time I spent saying I was uncertain about us leaving the EU as the economic case for Brexit hadn’t been made and that the UK has lost 80% of its growth since the referendum was clearly wasted – as the obviously genuine conviction of these guys, and the strength of their belief in their case has won me over.”

When asked why he had his face in his hands, Boris Johnson said that he really, really believes what he’s saying but he was very tired after being up to his plums in Jacob Rees-Moggs missus all night.

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