Scientists discover that calling racists ‘racist’ fails to de-racist racists

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A long study of racists and their interaction with non-racists has discovered that calling them racists has no impact whatsoever on how racist they are.

With the Internet full of people being called racist for expressing views that could be considered ‘racist’, the study sought to find out how many people had been persuaded to be less racist by people calling them racist.

“It was none,” explained Dr Simon Williams.

“We found not one – not a single racist – who had displayed fewer racist tendencies after being called racist on the Internet.

“It’s almost as if calling racists ‘racist’ isn’t the best tactic if you’re aim is to make people less racist.  Which is surprising, because calling idiots ‘idiot’ has been making people less idiotic for centuries.

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“Of course, if your only aim is to annoy racists, then calling them racist is a perfectly legitimate way to go about your business.  But changing minds? Nope.”

Williams went on to explain his theory on why calling racists ‘racist’ doesn’t work.

He told us, “It’s pretty simple.  Racists just don’t think they’re racist. The guy who chairs KKK meetings in a white hood doesn’t believe he’s racist – he just believes white people are better – so what are the chances of your skinhead uncle Dave admitting he’s racist?

“He’ll probably tell you something like ‘worrying about immigration isn’t racist’, or that wanting to preserve British traditions isn’t ‘racist’. And of course, he’d be right – if that was his argument.”

Uncle Dave told us,  “Muslims aren’t a race. So checkmate libtard.”

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