New productivity lifehack reveals the secret to productivity is to stop reading about productivity lifehacks

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A new productivity lifehack has revealed that the secret to personal productivity is to stop wasting your time trawling the Internet in search of new productivity lifehacks.

With Lifehacks now available to improve all aspects of your life from how to make your bed to how to order a coffee, it comes as no surprise that the latest lifehack focuses on lifehacks.

Internet guru and life coach Simon Williams told us, “We among the lifehacking community have hacked all elements of your life, literally everything. Brushing your teeth? Already lifehacked. Cooking spag bol? Already lifehacked. Sitting watching TV? Already lifehacked.

“But do you know what’s yet to be lifehacked? Likehacking. Which is why I am are here to exclusively reveal to the sort of people who read about this type of stuff, the lifehack that avoiding productivity lifehacks will do wonders for your personal productivity.”

Williams went on to reveal that he has written three-thousand words on the advantages of avoiding productivity lifehacks, and that he expects it to become a viral hit, leading to dozens of paid speaking engagements and possibly even a TED Talk.

He continued, “I’m not saying that I’m redefining Lifehacking as such, but yes, I have already decided that my yet to be requested TED Talk will be called ‘How I redefined Lifehacking’.

“And it will explain that I did it by telling you not to waste your time trying to do it.

“God, please don’t write that down, otherwise there’ll be no need to read my article.”