Tory party facing split between MPs who dislike PM’s Chequers Brexit plan and those who hate it

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Conservative party MPs cannot agree on whether Theresa May’s Brexit plan is poor, or an absolute crock of shite.

As many as eighty Conservative MPs are planning to vote against Theresa May’s Chequers plan, a former Brexit minister has warned.

Steve Baker, who formerly worked under David Davis, told us that the plan, which was drawn up in July and was so united it led immediately to the resignation of a few cabinet members and staff, could cause a “catastrophic split” between party members who think it’s bad and those who think it’s terrible – should Mrs May attempts to follow it through.

“The Chequers deal will be an abject failure, even though some of my colleagues continue to insist it is merely a bad deal,” he told us this morning.

“True, Theresa May has evidently put more thought and planning into the Chequers deal than David Davis and I did during the preceding eighteen months, but that’s sort of the point – you’re in a hiding to nothing.”

He explained, “Myself and David Davis never did any work towards finding a deal because it is an impossible task.

“The fact she thinks anything can be made of Brexit other than ‘no-deal and a big middle finger to the EU’ reveals how dim she must be. But then, she did vote to Remain.”

Boris Johnson was another cabinet member to resign in July, although it remains to be seen whether it will be better for Theresa May to have him outside her tent pissing in rather than inside the tent and still pissing in.

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