Jamie Oliver scares off home intruder by offering to cook him a healthy meal

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Jamie Oliver has been praised for his quick thinking and creative method for scaring off a burglar.

The TV chef, who famously failed to convince primary school children a few years ago that chips aren’t actually tasty, was awoken in the middle of the night and managed to single-handedly terrify the burglar into leaving.

“I was pretty scared at first, innit,” Jamie told reporters.

“And they say you should just hide and phone the police in these situations, but I had a better idea.

“I thought I could win over his heart and mind with my recipe for chicken & spring green bun cha with vermicelli rice noodles, and turn his character around.

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“But he ran out of the house quicker than those school kids ran out of the school dining rooms when I turned up to take away their turkey twizzlers.”

Thief Simon Williams explained, “I’m happy to fight homeowners if I’m disturbed while I’m burgling them.

“But this proper scared me. I’d rather eat prison grub, to be honest.”