Theresa May’s dance named the ‘Brexit Shuffle’ for being unnecessary, haphazard and hugely embarrassing to the nation

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Dance experts have concluded that Theresa May’s recent awkward moves in Africa have birthed a new dance called the Brexit Shuffle.

The Prime Minister, who is touring the continent hoping to secure any kind of deal she can in a pitiful attempt to make up for Britain leaving the EU and all the easy trade deals associated with being part of it, has now been filmed twice moving her body in a bizarre, jerking fashion to music.

“It was only the presence of musical instruments at the time that made us even realise she was trying to dance” said one dancing teacher, Simone Williams.

“When I first saw the clip I assume she was having some sort of muscle seizure, but it turns out it was just a vicar’s daughter trying to dance for what appears to be the first time in her life.”

She explained, “A group of us have decided to call the moves the ‘Brexit Shuffle’, on account of the dance being entirely unnecessary, poorly planned and performed, and a source of both amusement and pity to onlookers.

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“In this latest one, she didn’t even move her feet forward, for God’s sake.

“We think it may catch on – in an ironic, mocking sort of way, of course – in many of the clubs around Europe. And we also look forward to witnessing it performed by Theresa May in a year or so’s time in Brussels when she is begging the EU to let Britain back in.”

As if Theresa May wasn’t having a tough enough time, it is also understood that a group of zombies are considering suing the Prime Minister for plagiarising some of their best moves.

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