Jeremy Corbyn laid wreath for Hans Gruber outside Nakatomi Plaza

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Jeremy Corbyn caused huge controversy last night, as pictures emerged of him laying a wreath for terrorists associated with the 1988 Christmas Eve incident at Nakatomi Plaza.

Mastermind Hans Gruber was described by Corbyn as “a decent guy” before he called for action to be taken against John McClane, the police officer who took on the terrorists alone during the incident.

Corbyn was in Los Angeles as part of a wider trip in search of peace in the region and was invited to the ceremony by supporters of Gruber and his family.

However, a spokesperson for Corbyn later said, “Jeremy was there to oppose all forms of violence, whether they be political or misleadingly political in order to actually steal bearer bonds worth 640 million dollars.

“He didn’t know that he was laying a wreath for Hans Gruber, although he acknowledges that he was, in fact, told that he was doing so.

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“But just because he was told that was what he was doing, he remembers doing it, and there are photos of him doing it – doesn’t mean you can just go around criticising him because you think he did it.

“In the difficult search for peace, you have to embrace both sides, even those you don’t like.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli PM, decided to wade in on the debate last night, where he tweeted,  “It was totally sickening to see Jeremy Corbyn lay a wreath for the Nakatomi terrorists.

“It deserves unequivocal condemnation – from people who think Die Hard is a Christmas movie to those who don’t and everyone in between.”