I’m only moving to Monaco to get a better view of our proud nation doing so well, says Brexit billionaire

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe, one of Britain’s richest men and vital backer of Brexit, has denied he is leaving a ship he steered onto the rocks and claimed he is only relocating to Monaco to enjoy better the sight of the sovereign UK becoming prosperous.

A spokesperson for the billionaire, Simon Williams, explained that Sir Ratcliffe was committed to making Brexit a success and only moved to Monte Carlo because he wanted to be around foreigners when they eat humble pie and are forced to praise the UK’s wisdom in leaving the EU.

He went on, “Sir Ratcliffe is a patriot who was reluctantly forced to leave Britain because he needs to be close to his business headquarters that have coincidentally all relocated to low corporate tax countries within the EU.

“He has left many concerns in the UK. A lettings agency in Croydon, a hotel in Skegness and several payday loan firms that are most certainly not preparing to cash in on a collapse of the economy.”

Mr Williams denied his boss was a ‘disaster capitalist’ who was planning to make a fortune out of the collapse of the pound and UK bonds.

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“That’s preposterous! Are you insinuating a wealthy cabal of plutocrats have stirred up latent xenophobia in a poorly educated segment of the population just so they can become even wealthier, then move abroad to escape the tax hike that will be necessary to ensure the most basic functions of society?

“You’d have to be a reclusive Bond villain type who owns a superyacht to do that.

“Sorry, make that two super yachts!”

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