Boris isn’t racist, it was just part of his cunning plan to seize power, confirms Lord Blackadder

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Lord Blackadder has weighed into the burka debate by excusing Boris Johnson’s remarks as merely a bit of political manoeuvring.

Blackadder, who knows more than a thing or two about scheming to increase his power base, spoke to reporters this morning saying, “There’s not a racist or Islamophobic bone in the ever-increasing expanse of Boris Johnson’s body.

“Sometimes, as part of a cunning plan – a genuinely cunning plan, that is, not one of Baldrick’s hare-brained schemes – you need to say these things to garner support from a certain group of people in the event of a palace coup, or in his case a Tory leadership challenge.

“The seemingly throwaway line was cunningly disguised to ensure it was picked up in the media and to create a public discussion about the subject of burkas, all while giving Bors plausible deniability. Now, the sort of people who think burkas are a disgrace and make jokes in the pub about the ‘paki shop’ are more than keen on the idea of Boris as Prime Minister.

“Job done, as it were.”

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He added, “Of course, I don’t really know what he’s talking about as I’ve never even met a Muslim.

“I was happy to let the dafter members of the English gentry risk life and limb fighting the Muslims in the religious crusades abroad whilst I stayed at home entertaining their wives, but I don’t think Boris really means anything that he says.

“He’s just doing a spot of scheming, and fair play to him. Politicians hardly go into politics for the benefit of others, do they?”