Majority of Londoners in favour of erecting wall around city to keep out Brexiteers

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A new poll has shown that 86% of Londoners are in favour of building a wall around the city to stop Brexiteers and those with extreme right-wing views from entering.

Tarquin Buckenham, deputy leader of the Make London Great Again (MLGA) campaign, who commissioned the poll, said, “We realised that the only way to restore the multicultural, progressive, liberal identity of London was to build a wall.

“London is for the open-minded, and since the EU referendum too many people with viewpoints we don’t agree with have been hitching up, ruining things for everyone.

“It’s time we recognised that people different from us are bad and that drastic steps are needed to protect our way of life from those who want it to be a bit different.”

Leaked memos from MLGA meetings have shown that all prospective Londoners who arrive at the wall hoping to enter will have to take a ‘citizens test’ before they are allowed entry, to determine their ‘suitability’.

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The MLGA manifesto also proposes the introduction of a series of new laws, amongst these are the banning the St George’s flag, The Sun newspaper and any and all garments from Stone Island, each of which would be outlawed as ‘symbols of hate’.

Launching the campaign from a street food pop-up selling activated charcoal kimchi in Deptford, Sienna D’arcy-Cameron, spokeswoman for the campaign told reporters, “This is a great day for the capital. London is open.

“Anyone who is pro Brexit and anti-immigration will no longer be allowed in. We’ve taken back control.”