“Are we the Baddies?” asks concerned Jeremy Corbyn

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Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has expressed concern that some of his associates ‘may be Baddies’ today, after footage emerged of him sitting next to them and agreeing with every word they said.

Corbyn has come under fire in recent months for associating with people whose position can be summarised as ‘String up the Jews’ in the name of international justice and peace, but has expressed concern after it was pointed out to him they often had skulls on their uniforms.

“No-platforming is a simple decision to make,” a spokesman for Momentum told us in tones of weary contempt.

“If they hate Jews and they’re right-wing then you no platform them, campaign against them, and, if you’re lucky to get close enough, you punch them if you can.

“On the other hand, if they hate Jews and they’re left-wing, you sit beside them nodding whilst they speak, and then, eight years later say you might have disagreed with some of their points but it’s important to maintain a dialogue with people whose views you disagree with.

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“And if you don’t understand that you’re obviously too stupid to understand modern politics.”

Corbyn has pledged to be more careful with his choice of associates in future, and said he could not see any way next week’s anti-Israel rally with Mel Gibson could go wrong.

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