Jacob Rees-Mogg continuing to seek political inspiration from The Handmaid’s Tale

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Conservative backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg is continuing to pursue his vision of a post-Brexit Britain that bears an uncanny resemblance to Gilead.

With a strong held conviction that abortion should be illegal, Rees-Mogg continues to ask why he should stop there with his pursuit of a puritanical Britain for everyone.

At a recent meeting with Theresa May, known to Rees-Mogg fondly as OfPhilip, he suggested that the hit Channel 4 show may hold some ‘not completely terrible ideas’.

“I’m not saying it’s all good.” Replied Jacob, when confronted with criticisms around the destruction of women’s, LGBT and other human rights, “I’m just saying it’s something to think about now that we’ll soon be free to do what we like with our citizens.”

“I’m obviously against the use of cattle prods for the women, but, I mean, it would keep them quiet. It would also mean that men wouldn’t marry men, which, I think we all agree, would be a ‘not terrible’ byproduct of a new regime.”

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When confronted by journalists asking how her book became a manifesto for the Victorian throwback, 80-year old Margaret Atwood, author of the original novel, appeared confused. “It’s supposed to be complete fiction,” She justifiably remarked.

Rees-Mogg supporter and men’s rights campaigner Simon Williams agrees with Rees-Mogg,  he told us, “I mean, obviously, some of it is quite bad. But, in Gilead the men do seem a lot happier and I think the message we’re supposed to take from watching that programme is that the men did a good job sorting out like, crime and stuff.”