World stunned as Sasha Baron Cohen gets Donald Trump to boast about sexual assault

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A leaked teaser trailer from Sasha Baron Cohen’ new show “Who is America?” reveals that the notorious prankster tricked the US president into bragging that he habitually grabs women’s genitalia without their consent.

Insiders at the Showtime network say the artist disguised himself as a sexist Fox news anchor and, through careful locker-room braggadocio, egged the President to make derogatory comments about women and boast that he routinely molested them.

Although used to controversy, this is the first time the creator of Borat and Ali G has had such a momentous political impact, as many believe this scandal would end the Trump presidency.

The political editor of the Washington Post, Simon Williams, agreed that this would effectively guarantee a Trump defeat in 2020, should the claims prove true.

“If it’s as bad as Showtime claims, then Trump is done. Can you imagine any politician being caught on tape saying he grabs women by the pussy and not resigning within the day? Sacha Baron Cohen has definitely just entered the history books.”

Asked if he could see any way Donald Trump could survive such a scandal, Mr Williams was adamant.

“No! Republican grandees and the Religious Right would see to that. Trump supporters may be angry and immune to facts but they do have a sense of morality.

“There is no way any voter who has a mother, sister, wife or daughter will be able to look at these women and say that sexually abusing them would not lose the perpetrator his vote.

“Americans would never sink that low.”